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  • 2793 Pine St

    Discover the hidden treasure of Lavender

    It is said that there are three things that can be lived again and again for the rest of your life: to admire a new-born child while he sleeps, to listen to the sound of the rain and to meet the sunrise at the seaside.

  • 1100 Broderick St

    New oils and perfumes in Lavender House

    New decorations had been added to the list of awesome things to buy on our wooden market ...

  • 868 Turk St


    MAMALIGA, BRANZA AND SARMALE. Taste the autenticity!

  • 420 Fell St

    Olarit at Nea Vasile.s house,

    Nea Vasile is waiting for guests. He is a 73 talented man who is ready to share with you the secret of making awesome things out of clay..

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Discover the hidden treasure of Moldova

24 hours in Lavender Camp for just 70 euro

Wooden House Market

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